Social Event
Wednesday, July 7th
Approx. 5.00 pm-10.00 pm.

“The House by the Lake”, written by the British author Thomas Harding, takes us through a hundred years of German History witnessed in the little lake house by Glienicke.

See Guardian (January 16th 2016):

We have secured the opportunity to experience this unique place.

We will be hosted by the Director, Yasmeen Akhtar who runs the Alexander Haus, which is now transformed to a Centre for Education and Reconciliation, our group will be offered a guided tour with expert on the History of the house and social Historian, John Owen.

To attend, please read Thomas Harding´s book, The House by the Lake. You are invited to prepare a short response to the themes of identity, healing, and visions for the future reflected in the book and reflect on the practical application of intersecting themes in the book for addressing challenges today through your own respective work. You will need to register you interest in attending this event in the Registration Form and then email your response to the book directly to

You will take part in a 5 touch points self discovery trail, more will be revealed when you arrive, this will be followed by a round table of activities, dialogue, and reflection. The roundtable discussion will be guided by those who attend and could include for example ‘building empathy through storytelling’ or ‘addressing familial trauma through social development’ etc.

As the Alexander Haus needs to be kept alive, our payment will be a contribution to the maintenance of this place of encounters.

For a group of twelve guests, the price would be 300 euros (this is more costly than usual groups tours but our event is different) we encourage you to also consider it as being a contribution to this historic place.
If we get a larger group of more than 18, we will reduce the per person cost to reflect this (to 200 Euros.). The group will always remain intimate and no more than 25.

To register your interest in attending – please indicate by ticking YES to the Social Event “Alexander Haus” when registering for the Conference.
No payment will be taken until numbers (and group limits) are confirmed.
We will be in contact with all those expressing interest as soon as possible.

There will be food and music provided.
Wednesday, 7 July 2021 Approximately 5.00 pm-10.00 pm