Thursday 8 July

10.30am-11.30 am &
Co-creation Workshop A: The future of ISPSO

Members Day Room
Content for both Workshops (A and B) are identical
Purpose: Collecting ideas for the board to build on and develop further.

1. Introduction in plenary
2. Work in groups (board members as hosts)

Points of departure for group discussions:
– AMs produces a significant amount CO2 outlet, mainly by travelling to the venue. How can we reduce our Carbon footprint?
– Are AMs organized so that some cannot participate (e.g. for money reason)? What can we do to change that?
– It is important to be together IRL, how many participants match which types of events?
– How can we use online technology to connecting even better, faster, cheaper and over long distances?
– What do we need to do to make ISPSO a more integrative place (reg. Gender, race, sexual orientation, theoretical schools)
– How can we open up ourselves as ISPSO to connecting with the outside world such as our clients, politicians or other representatives of the organisations we work with?

3. Presentations in plenary
12.30pm–1.30pmANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGMembers Day Room
1. Welcome remarks
2. Brief presentation of reports, responses to member emails and any ‘in the moment’ questions
3. Introduction of new members who have joined since the 2020 AM
4. Introduction of new board members and a description of all board member roles for next year
5. Presentation of the ISPSO member survey
6. Breakout groups 8 minutes
7. Open member focused debate – Q and A’s to the board
9. Any Other Business
1.45pm-2.45pmRECEPTION – HOSTED BY THE BOARDMembers Day Room
Groups with conversation menus
The ISPSO Annual Meeting conversation menu:
A la carte:
1. Psychoanalytic dynamics online
2. Humor in psychoanalytically oriented gatherings
3. ISPSO as a force for good in the world
4. Climate and the unconscious
5. Personal experiences living through the pandemic
3.00pm – 4.00pmCo-creation Workshop B: The future of ISPSOMembers Day Room
5.30pm-6.30pmJoin us for the Tour of the Freud Museum with Dr. Daniela Finzi Social Events Room