The Society’s aim is to share organizational research, consultation and experiences utilizing the lens of psychoanalysis. The ISPSO holds an annual meeting and symposium, locally organized study groups and ongoing discussions on the Internet to encourage scholarship and research in the field. The annual meeting is held in various places around the world and brings together interested people to discuss and debate the organization and organizational experiences, through a framework that is congruent with the work of the society. In 2021 the 37th ISPSO Annual Meeting will be held in Berlin, Germany.*

The psychoanalytic study of organizations utilizes psychoanalysis as a practice of regeneration. In studying dynamic processes, psychoanalytic approaches influence the inner “life” of the organization as those in it observe, reflect and examine it. This may occur at the level of individuals, groups, organizations, culture and/or society, through applied psychoanalytic practice, applied and action research, or through commentary from psychoanalytically informed observers.

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The Annual Meeting program has three parts which normally run consecutively over seven days: Workshops are Monday through Wednesday (days 1-3); Thursday, day 4, is Members Day, exclusively for ISPSO members, followed by a reception for members; and the Symposium, our scientific program, is Friday through Sunday (days 5-7). In addition, there is Gala Dinner event on Saturday night.

*Due to circumstance around the pandemic the AM2021 is now to be run as an online event only. See the ISPSO President’s announcement of 13 March 2021.