Call for Paper Proposals

Content Criteria
We invite paper proposals that explore the walls within each of us as well as all possible kinds of walls of today’s organizations and the society in which we are living.

  1. Addressing the Conference Theme
    Does the paper address this year’s symposium theme explicitly and include it as part of its core argument?
  2. Theoretical Rigour
    How well is the paper grounded in theory? Does the paper make sound reference to well-stablished and/or emerging psychoanalytic concepts?
  3. Relevance and Scope
    Is the presented argument relevant to the ISPSO membership with regards to clinical, organisational and academic applications of psychoanalytic and/or systems-psychodynamic thinking?
  4. Clarity of Argument
    Does the paper make clear which key argument(s) it is putting forward? Is it easy to follow / is there a coherent line of argument?
  5. Engagement and Originality
    Does the paper encourage discussion? Does it stimulate new ways of thinking? Does it further the ISPSO community’s way of thinking?

Format Criteria for Proposals

  • Approx. 500 words – 1 A4 page
  • PDF file
  • Show how conference theme is being addressed
  • Elicit core argument / value added in abstract
  • Author details should be on a separate page with short bio

You will be notified if your proposal is selected for the conference in February 2020.

Call for Workshop Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal to deliver a workshop at ISPSO AM 2020 Berlin in the period of June 29th to July 1st, 2020.

Note: The deadline for receipt of proposals was November, 30th 2019.

The first three days of the ISPSO’s annual meeting are dedicated to professional development workshops (PDW) that are designed to provide members and non-members an opportunity to learn and develop from other professionals. The workshops should appeal to any member and non-member, regardless of profession. These workshops should offer:

  • Knowledge, skills and/or practices in psychoanalytic understanding and/or application to organizations
  • Opportunities to think and learn about organizations in new ways
  • Other approaches to psychoanalytic organizational work.

Please note:

  • The PDW will take place from Monday 29th to Wednesday 1st July from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm). A workshop could be a half-day, full day or two-days in duration.
  • A PDW may have one, two or more presenters/facilitators.
  • The orientation/focus of the workshop should be informed by psychoanalytic theory, thinking and practice. It would be advantageous if your workshop related to the conference theme “The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness”.
  • Some PDW may be invited through the board and the AM planning committee (PC), respectively.
  • The honorarium for a workshop is €400 per day (to share between presenters).
  • ISPSO will cover the cost of one hotel night (max. €89) per presenter per PDW day.
  • ISPSO will not cover travel expenses.
  • The paper selection committee will meet in January 2020 and applicants will be informed no later than February 2020.

The proposals will be selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Psychoanalytic approach
  2. Variety in the workshop program
  3. Diverse needs of members
  4. Quality and rigour

Please prepare a short (500 word) proposal based on the following points:

  1. Describe your PDW, its original idea, structure, design, methodology, or approach.
  2. State the duration of your workshop.
  3. Is there a minimum number of participants required to conduct this workshop?
  4. Describe and explain your intended learning outcomes.

Please note; that it is expected that authors of proposals and workshops that are accepted will complete the application for Continued Education (CE) credits. Details will be provided upon notification of acceptance. If you have any questions about CE credits or the application process, contact Jeff Axelbank at