Nadine Tchelebi, Chair of the Paper Selection Committee AM 2021
Ullrich Beumer, Member of the local team
Renate Grønvold Bugge, Member of the local team
Irena Izotova, Chair of the next ISPSO AM 2022
Mathias Lohmer, Member of the local team
Marc Maltz, Chair of the last ISPSO AM 2019
Claudia Nagel, President-Elect ISPSO
Moritz Senarclens de Grancy, Chair of the ISPSO AM 2021
Carlos Remotti-Breton, Chair of the Workshop Selection Committee AM 2021
Celina Rodriguez-Drescher, Member of the local team
Rob Ryan, Administrative Director ISPSO
Steen Visholm, President ISPSO


1st Round: Blind Review
All members of the committee score the anonymized abstracts from a scale of 1-5 for each criterion. For reasons of transparency and consistency, the criteria have been published on the AM webpage together with the call for papers. We therefore strongly recommend that you consider these criteria when composing your abstracts.

The scores are then added up and serve the committee as a rigorous base for a thorough discussion on all abstracts. The process offers each contributor a fair chance and equal consideration and will lead to a prioritization list.

2nd Round: Programme Composition
In a second step, the committee composes a parallel paper programme with the aim of creating a diverse and attractive programme suitable to the annual symposium. The wish to offer a multifaceted parallel paper programme means that adhering to all 5 selection criteria will not automatically get your paper selected.