As the 2021 ISPSO Annual Meeting and Conference is now an online event*: we will be posting details of how the conference will be accessed on this page.

All daily interactions will take on a platform called QiqoChat (a form of virtual venue) which uses online meeting tools and Zoom meetings. This means participants will only need one password sign-in for the conference.

All participants will have shared areas (such as help desk, meeting areas and program details) while those registered for PDWs and the Conference are able to access those events. The platform will allow us to provide materials suitable for every event in the breakout session rooms.

We plan to open the Conference (Qiqochat) platform 4 weeks before the conference in order for participants to meet and practice using these relatively simple tools. To get prepared you can watch the short video from Qiqochat’s inventor Lucas: or join the next AM2021 introductory Session.

You can also sign up at in advance and make use of the learning space, which has more videos and examples:

Details on how the following online’ conference components are accessed and function will soon be listed here.

  • Online Help Desk
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Annual Meeting and Members Day
  • Symposium: Parallel Papers & Panels
  • Social Dreaming & End-of-Day Reflections
  • Online meeting spaces

*Note: Due to circumstance around the pandemic it has been decided (13 March 2021) that the AM2021 is to be run as an online event only. See the ISPSO President’s announcement.