Dear Members,

Due to the persistently uncertain pandemic situation in most of our countries, I have decided as the President of the ISPSO, in accordance with the AM2021 chair, Moritz Senarclens de Grancy, that this year’s Annual Meeting will be online-only. After careful considerations in the ISPSO board as well as in the Planning Committee we have to acknowledge with a heavy heart, that the risks from a health and liability perspective are currently – and on medium term – unmanageable for us.

In fact, our hopeful expectations at the beginning of our planning regarding the further development of the pandemic have not been fulfilled at all. The circumstances may be different in summer, and some of you will certainly want to travel to Berlin in July, but that doesn’t help us now, when we have to make a responsible decision. We ask you very much for your understanding. All live tickets already booked will of course be reimbursed.

Regardless of this difficult decision, I have asked the AM2021 Planning Committee to continue its good work and focus on creating a fantastic online event. The Planning Committee will be in Berlin during the annual meeting to ensure that the virtual AM becomes a Berlin conference that can live-up to its title and theme: The Walls Within. Working with Defences against Otherness.

Best wishes

Steen Visholm
ISPSO president

13 March 2021