The Walls Within

Working with Defenses against Otherness

NEW DATES: 5-11 July 2021

Unexpectedly, walls have undergone a renaissance: During the corona pandemic, walls – also in terms of isolation and self-distance – have proven to be an effective protection against infection. In Europe many countries even closed their borders temporarily. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 was marked by a lack of respect towards certain boundaries – such as animals’ habitats. Indeed, it seems to be an unsolvable problem of mankind to find a good closeness-distance relationship, not least towards its socio-cultural environment. This can be seen in the fact that in many parts of the world, more than thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, walls are back in business to exclude ‘otherness‘. Such walls have recently provoked protests, for example, against the racial injustices made all the more apparent by COVID-19. While real and virtual barriers are being raised at the behest of neo-authoritarian leaders, walls are also being constructed as internal defenses against the disruptions that arise from the digital innovations of ‘others‘. In this sense, the Berlin Wall still symbolizes the futile attempt to prevent people from coming into contact with unwanted peculiarities, ideas or changes coming from the other side.

ISPSO’s 37th Annual Meeting 2021 in Berlin is dedicated to examining these walls as defenses against otherness. The planning committee on behalf of the ISPSO Board is pleased to invite ISPSO members and non-members from all countries to join the conference on site or via zoom and to participate in discussing ideas, issues and questions raised by the challenges that they present.

Rescheduled to 5-11 July 2021

With great regret we inform you that the 2020 ISPSO conference in Berlin is postponed due to the corona epidemic.

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AM2021 Berlin Features

AM2021 Features


Committee Welcome

Join us for The ISPSO Annual Meeting in Berlin for a unique conference & symposium gathering – amongst members, guests, speakers, leaders, HR professionals, consultants, psychoanalysts and many intellectually curious people from all over the world.

The ISPSO AM2021 Conference will be held in Berlin, from 5 July to 11 July 2021.

The week-long program will follow the ISPSO framework of Workshops over three days,
Members’ Day including the Annual General Meeting, followed by three days of the Symposium with paper presentations, forums and social events.
The 2021 ISPSO symposium theme is “The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness

The psychoanalytic study of organizations utilizes psychoanalysis as a practice of regeneration.
In studying dynamic processes, psychoanalytic approaches influence the inner “life” of the organization as those in it observe, reflect and examine it.
This may occur at the level of individuals, groups, organizations, culture and/or society, through applied psychoanalytic practice,
applied and action research, or through commentary from psychoanalytically informed observers.
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Please email if you have any questions.
We look forward to finally meeting you at the AM2021 in July 2021!

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