Organization and Leadership – What governance systems and individual power skills are really key to managing the effects of digitalized markets and globalized supply-chains in uncertain times?

Sunday, 11th July, 12:30pm
“Panel 3 – 11th July” room

Flexibility is a key capability for managing companies in order to meet the complex and fast-moving challenges of globalized supply-chains and digitized markets as we have seen intensified during the covid-19 crisis. On the other hand, we face neo authoritarian patterns, marginalization of ideas and ‘walled up’ thinking in organizations and companies. They point to deeper rigid societal patterns, especially in education, that continue to be imparted. They slow down the change in values in companies, for example the inclusion of women or people of culture in top management positions and they also impair the agility of the organizations. The capability for adaptation of every organizational culture deserves to be analyzed. Because in complex and fast-moving competition, the success of companies is decided not least by their ability for adaptation through cooperation, mutual respect and a deeper understanding of the value deficits in the way they respond to demand from customers and citizens. Overcoming prejudice against business partners from other cultures or individual colleagues requires emotional maturity, social skills, and an understanding of the psychodynamics and power of unconscious valencies – and so does understanding the situation the organization is in.

Panel 3 Speakers:

Dr. Daniel Vasella
Daniel Vasella, M.D., works as board director, coach and strategic consultant. After the foundation of Novartis in 1996 he led the company for 17 years as CEO (1996-2010) and Chairman of the Board of Directors (1999-2013). Since 2013 Dr. Vasella is an Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors for Novartis AG. Before the Novartis merger, Dr. Vasella was CEO of Sandoz Pharma Ltd. and a member of the Sandoz Group Executive Committee. From 1988 to 1992, he worked for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation in the United States, prior to which he held a number of medical positions in Switzerland. He graduated with an M.D. from the University of Bern and completed executive training at Harvard Business School.  Dr. Vasella also trained as psychoanalyst and executive coach.  He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel and the Harvard Business School Alumnus Award and many other distinctions. Dr. Vasella is a member of the board of directors of PepsiCo, Inc., the American Express Company and Numab Therapeutics AG. He is also a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of various cultural establishments. Daniel Vasella is married and father of three children.

Dr. Philip Boxer
Philip Boxer BSc MBA PhD brings many years of strategy consulting experience to his work with clients in public, private and not-for-profit sectors, developing clients’ capabilities for leadership within highly networked environments; and using approaches that enable clients both to scale learning across networked organizations and to develop the agility of the supporting business platforms. Philip is a member of the (Lacanian) Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations. The focus of his research and writing is on ways of understanding and working through the maladaptive responses of organizations to turbulent business ecosystems in the pursuit of greater sustainability.

Claudia Heimer
A senior-level facilitator, coach, mediator and author, Claudia helps executives and non-executives to develop strategy, transform their organisations and navigate the boardroom. She is co-founder of FIT BOARD, an EdTech dedicated to taking governance next level with a gamification-based App that enhances quality of decision making. Her research agenda focused on internationalizing boards, as well as developing international leaders, teams, and organizations. Post-GFC, her interest shifted towards power and psychodynamics in organizational change and, specifically, in mastering dysfunction in the boardroom and developing future-fit company stewardship.

Moderator: Thea Mikkelsen
Thea Mikkelsen, MSc, MA, is an international executive coach and freelance Process designer and leadership program developer in the creative industries. She is also a NonExec board and advisory board member, a candidate in the Danish Psychoanalytical Association, a keynote speaker on the topics of creative leadership, innovation and professional creativity and a writer. She is based in Milan, Italy, with her husband and two daughters.