Welcome to the ISPSO 37th Annual Meeting & Symposium, Berlin Online Conference
“The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness”

While the Covid-19 pandemic separates us, innovation brings us together – we highly welcome all attendees and delegates to our Annual Meeting and Symposium! We are more than happy that you are joining us during a week full of exciting events and activities.

This 37th ISPSO Annual Meeting is a huge step into the future since for the first time in our society’s history it will be run completely online. It has really been a challenge to tear down walls to make new ways of communication and mutual learning available. Some of the walls might be anxiety, and to be reluctant to adjust to new ways of interaction. But it is obvious that it gives us an opportunity to find new ways of getting in touch with each other.

Let us enjoy the possibilities and celebrate the AM2021 by meeting in the ISPSO Online Event Space (QiqoChat), seeing each other through the screen, breaking up in social groups, participating in workshops and attending papers at the Symposium.  Let’s share reflections and dreams and let’s share thoughts on Members Day. This is going to be an AM to remember!

Again, welcome to ISPSO AM2021!
Hopefully you may also experience some of the welcoming atmosphere of the exciting city of Berlin.